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Unit 08-DNA, Protein synthesis

What is the process name for when DNA makes a copy of itself? Replication
If mutations occur in this type of cell, it can be passed on to offspring? gametes
What type of bond attaches the amino acids together to form a protein? peptide bond
What type of bond holds the bases together in the DNA double helix? hydrogen bonds
What is the enzyme used during transcription that will unwind DNA and add nucleotides to create a mRNA strand? RNA polymerase
What is the process name for when the mRNA strand is used to make a protein? Translation
Scientist who determined that transformation from Griffith’s experiment was probably due to DNA being the genetic material. Avery
What type of mutation has DNA bases switching places? Inversions
What is the enzyme that unwinds the DNA during replication? DNA helicase
What are the 3 parts of a nucleotide? sugar, phosphate, base
If an original DNA is represented as: 12345 And the mutated one is represented as: 126345 What type of mutation is this? Addition
What base is not in RNA but is in DNA? thymine
What are the 3 bases on a tRNA strand called? anticodon
Franklin’s photo and experiments showed that DNA was a __________ ________________. double helix
After transcription the mRNA leaves the ______ and goes to the __________. nucleus, ribosome
Using a codon chart, what is the amino acid associated with: AGU ser
Are all mutations harmful? no, some have no change, some are beneficial
Scientists who verified using radioactive labeling and bacteriophages to determine that DNA definitely was the genetic material and not protein. Hershey & Chase
Scientist who used S. Pneumonia and found that something changed a non-harmful strain into a harmful strain. Griffith
What is the enzyme that will put strands together during replication? DNA ligase
This type of category of mutations are when the multiples of 3 (codons) change. Frameshift mutation
What type of RNA molecule has an amino acid attached and carries them to the ribosome? tRNA
Scientists who made the 3D model of DNA. Watson & Crick
What would be the mRNA strand for the following DNA strand: G T T A C C T A C A A U G G A U
If mutations occur in this type of cell, it cannot be passed on to offspring? somatic (body cells)
If the codon is this: CAG what is the anticodon? GUC
In what phase does replication take place? S phase (in interphase)
What are the 3 bases called on a mRNA strand? codon
What is the enzyme that will add nucleotides and proofreads during replication? DNA polymerase
Scientist who determined that the same amount of adenine equals the same amount of thymine in DNA, and cytosine is same amount as guanine Chargaff
What is the process name for making mRNA from a DNA gene? transcription
This type of category of mutations are based upon a single base pair change. Point mutations
Scientist who created the famous photo 51? Franklin
What are the sugars in DNA and in RNA? deoxyribose=DNA, ribose=RNA
What is the general term for environmental factors that can cause mutations (like pesticides) mutagens
The mRNA will be read by each codon until it reaches a ___________ signal. stop
What is the other side of the DNA if this is one side: T T C A G A T G A A G T C T A C
What type of mutation has DNA from one chromosome moving to another chromosome? Translocation
What is a general term for a change in the DNA code? mutation
In what direction do the two strands of a DNA run? opposite directions
In DNA, what pairs with C? What pairs with T? G guanine, A Adenine
Created by: thompsondk
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