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environmental scienc

9-weeks test (3-2-15)

What is the Green revolution? a period when the productivity of global agriculture increased drastically as a result of new advances.
What 3 major changes came about as the result of the Green revolution? 1. monoculture, 2. highly bred or generally modified strains of plants, 3. Increased irrigation fertilization, and application of herbicides and pesticides
definition of infant mortality death rate in newborns
define exponential growth occurs when the population size and its rate of growth both increase
Characteristics of developed and developing countries developing: low income, lower life span, higher population growth developed: high income, higher life span, lower population growth
pronatalist want children
antinatalist does not want children
What are the pressures associated with pronatalist and antinatalist pronatalist - societal thing, extra income, support from kids when parents are older; antinatalist - jobs, expenses from kids
What is the difference between emigration and immigration? emigration is the act of leaving ones native country to live in another, immigration is the movement of people from one state/nation to another but implies long-term permanent residence
what is a non transmissible disease? Give an example a disease spread by heredity, EX: heart disease, cancer
What are two characteristics of an emergent disease? reappeared after being gone for years, 1. no one would have any resistance to it and 2. there would be no available drugs to treat it.
What types of diseases do antibiotics treat? bacterial infections
What are some misuses of antibiotics that give resistance? 1. not finishing the prescription, 2. using it when not needed
What does LD50 mean? Lethal does to 50% of the population
What were the two main causes of the dust bowl? 1. overplanting due to increase in precipitation, 2. wearing out the soil, using the same crops
List 3 major food staples core, wheat, and rice
Name what nutrient is missing and what the symptoms are: Anemia and Goiter Anemia - lack of iron in the blood, always tired, lack of oxygen in the blood. Goiter - lack of iodine, enlargement of the thyroid gland (neck)
Tell the difference between organic and inorganic fertilizers inorganic - synthetically made from mixed minerals, organic - derived from plant and animal matter
What does GMO stand for? Give one example Genetically Modified Organism; soybean
List two reasons why the clean 15 are labeled as such 1. They have thicker skin that protects them, 2. people do not eat the skin of these
Created by: a.allsup