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Life Sci - Chap 15

invertebrate animal that does not have a backbone
ganglion mass of nerve cells
gut digestive tract
coelem body cavity that contains the internal organs
open circulatory system circulatory system where the circulatory fluid is not contained entirely within the vessels; heart pumps fluid through vessels that emprty into places called sinuses
closed circulatory system circulatory system where the heart circulates blood through a network of vessels that form a closed loop; blood doesn't leave the blood vessels; and materials diffuse across the walls of the vessels.
segment any part of a larger structure, such as the body of an organism, that is set off by natural or arbitrary boundaries
exoskeleton a hard, external support structure
compound eye eye composed of many light detectors
antenna feeler that is on the head of an invertebrate and that senses touch, taste or smell
metamorphosis phase in the life cycle of many animals during which a rapid change from the immature form of an organism to the adult form takes place
endoskeleton internal skeleton made of bone and cartilage
water vascular system system of canals filled with a watery fluid that circulates throughout the body of an echinoderm
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