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Life. Sci. Sem1 2009

(Ch. 1-6) TEST Review Activity

Living thing Organism
Smallest unit of organisms that carry on life functions Cell
Changes that living things undergo as they grow Development
Anything an organisms reacts to Stimulus
Reaction of an organisms to a stimulus Response
Characteristic of an organism that helps it to survive in its environment Adaptation
Organized problem-solving procedure in science Scientific Method
What is being tested in an experiment Variable
Standard used to compare with the outcome of a test Control
The maintenance of steady conditions inside an organisms Homeostasis
Babies laughing at four months is an example of Development
An organisms ability to maintain a steady condition is called Homeostasis
Adaptations in organisms are __________ from parents Inherited
Food-making process in plants Photosynthesis
Living things are made up of ____% water 70
The belief that living things come from nonliving things is called Spontaneous Generation
The doctor who showed that maggots hatch from eggs that flies lay on meat, and not from the meat itself Redi
He designed an experiment to show that tiny organisms come from other tiny organisms int he air Spallanzani
Theory that living things come from only living things Biogenesis
Evidence suggests that life was formed about __________ ago 3.5 billion years
His experiment showed that substances present in living things could be made from nonliving things in the environment Miller
A _________ is a prediction that can be tested Hypothesis
A ___________ is an explanation of things or events based on many observations Theory
The SI unit of mass is the __________ Kilogram
Living organisms need the following three things in order to survive: Oxygen, Water, and _________ Minerals
The four criteria that an organism must meet in order to be considered "alive" are: Perform functions, ____________, respond/adjust to environment, and grow/develop Reproduce
The step that comes after the 'hypothesis' in the scientific method is... Experiment
The step that comes after the 'research' in the scientific method is... Hypothesis
The step that comes after the 'ask a question' in the scientific method is... Research
Microscopic particles made up of either DNA or RNA core covered by a protein coat Virus
Microscope that uses an objective lens and an eyepiece lens to magnify objects Compound Microscope
Allows materials to move into and out of the cell Cell Membrane
Directs all the cell activities Nucleus
Disease that allows the body to be attacked by many organisms that cause disease AIDS
Digests wastes inside the cell Lysosomes
Generates energy for the cell Mitochondria
Smallest unit that carries out the activities of life in organisms Cell
Moves materials around inside of cell Endoplasmic Reticulum
Protects and supports the plant cell Cell Wall
The cell of an organism upon which a virus depends is a(n) Host Cell
Enclosing helpful DNA in a virus and allowing it to move into defective cells to help in the treatment of disorders is a form of Gene Therapy
A _______________ enters a cell and becomes part of the cell's DNA without destroying the cell or replicating itself Latent Virus
A solution made from dead viruses that is used to prevent viral diseases is a Vaccine
_________ is a virus that attacks the body's immune system HIV
Only dead cells can be observed in a __________ (TEM) Transmission Electron Microscope
The scientist who conlcuded that all animals were made of cells was Schwann
The cell theory is based on the discoveries of Schleiden, Schwann, and _________ Virchow
Proteins are made in structures called Ribosomes
The __________ is a gel like substance inside the cell membrane Cytoplasm
Cells in a particular organisms all ___________ with one another Interact
Groups of similar tissues that work together to perform the same job are called Organs
Structures that store food, water, and waste products in plant cells are Vacuoles
The cell structures that package and secrete substances are Golgi bodies
The material that contains the genetic blueprints of the cell is Chromatin
Microscope that uses light to magnify and two lenses Compound Microscope
Microscope that uses a magnetic field; used to view living cells Scanning Electron Microscope
Microscope that uses light to magnify and one lens Simple Microscope
Made the first compound microscope Jansen
Named the "little boxes" he viewed, of cork underneath the microscope, cells Hooke
Three ways all cells are alike: Cell membrane, Cytoplasm, and ____________ Nucleus
Two things that plant cells have that animal cells do not: Cell walls and _________ Chloroplasts
The total of all activities of an organism Metabolism
Organisms that make their own food Producers
Organic material from plants or animals that is used as fuel Biomass
Mixture of gases that can be stored and transported like natural gas Biogas
Speed up chemical reactions in cells Enzymes
Compound that contains carbon Organic Compound
Movement of molecules without the use of energy Passive Transport
Movement of molecules from an area where there are many to an area where there are few Diffusion
Passive transport of water Osmosis
Mixture of gasoline and alcohol Gasohol
An atom nucleus contains protons and _________ Neutrons
Bacteria are taken into cells by ________ Endocytosis
A chemical formula shows the kind and number of atoms that form a Compound
Organic compounds in the chromosomes are Nucleic Acids
In a _________ substances mix evenly with other substances Solution
Organic compounds are compounds that contain Carbon
_________ are organic compounds made of sugar molecules joined together Carbohydrates
_________ are organic compounds that store energy Lipids
The function of the selectively permeable cell ______ is to allow some things to pass through it, but not others Membrane
If the movement of molecules requires energy it is Active Transport
The movement of large molecules through the cell membrane out of the cell is called Exocytosis
Producers use light energy to make Glucose
___________ are organisms that can't make their own food Consumers
_________ is a process that releases energy when oxygen is insufficient Fermentation
Particle with a negative charge Electron
Particle with a positive charge Proton
Salt and water mixture is an example of a Solution
Blood is an example of a Suspension
Dispersal of an air freshener throughout a room Diffusion
Movement of minerals into plant root cells Active Transport
Plant that uses chlorophyll to make it's own food is an example of being a Producer
An activity that happens within the mitochondria Cellular Respiration
Formation of two nuclei with identical chromosomes Mitosis
Reproduction in which a new organisms is produced when sex cells from two parents combine Sexual Reproduction
Controls cell activity with coded instructions DNA
The joining of an egg and sperm Fertilization
Segment of DNA controlling production of one protein Gene
A nucleic acid which carries the code for making proteins from the nucleus to the ribosomes RNA
Any permanent change in genetic material of a cell Mutation
Most of the life of any cell is spent in a period of cell growth and development called Interphase
Each human skin cell has ____ pairs of chromosomes 23
Yeast reproduced by Budding
In _____ a new organisms grows from just a part of the parent organism Regeneration
Human gametes (sex cells) have _________ individual chromosomes 23
The number of chromosomes in a sex cell of an organism is its _______ (haploid/diploid)chromosome number Haploid
Meiosis consists of _________ division(s) of the nucleus Two
At the end of meiosis, _________ cells are produced Four
In DNA, adenine always pairs with ______ Thymine
Proteins are made of units of _______ linked together in a specific order Amino Acids
The code for making proteins is carried to the ribosomes by _______ RNA
Asexual reproduction involves (one/two) parents One
Budding, ________, and regeneration are methods of asexual reproduction Fission
Passing of traits from one generation to another Heredity
Different forms of the same gene Alleles
Study of how alleles affect offspring Genetics
An allele inherited on a sex chromosome Sex-linked Gene
A trait that is hidden Recessive
The chance that an event will take place Probability
Genetic makeup of an organism Genotype
Organism with two alleles that are the same Homozygous
Physical appearance resulting from genotype Phenotype
Both alleles are expressed in offspring Incomplete Dominance
More than one set of genes controls a trait Multiple alleles
Chart showing the location of genes on each chromosome Genome
In a punnett square, a capital letter (T) stands for a __________ allele Dominant
The combination of (Tt) represents a ______ genotype Heterozygous
Blood type is an example of a characteristic controlled by Multiple Alleles
Hemophilia results from an allele that is on the ________ chromosome X
Genetic engineering has already helped people by _______ _______ Producing Medicine
Created by: SavannahElkins