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Africa Physical Geo.

Physical Geography Features of Sub-saharan Africa from Worksheet

Savannas In Africa these flat grasslands cover more than 45 million square miles.
Kilimanjaro This snowcapped mountain, the highest in Africa, rises out of the highlands of Kenya and Tanzania.
Semi-arid Regions with this climate have high temperatures but more rainfall than deserts.
Plateau Most of Africa south of the Sahara is on this raised area of level land.
Rift The separation of tectonic plates has formed these broad, steep-walled valleys in Africa.
Equatorial Regions with this climate have two rainy seasons and two brief dry seasons each year.
Nile Lake Victoria is the major source of this river, the longest in the world.
Tropical Regions with this climate have a rainy season of up to six months.
Sahel This is a semiarid region south of the Sahara,
Desert Regions with this climate have little rain, high temperatures, and few plants or animals.
Created by: msgarana