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Stack #185244

science,3 wind charts

0 >1mph,calm
1 1-4mph,light air
2 5-7mph,light breeze
3 8-11mph,gentle breeze
4 12-18mph,moderate breeze
5 19-24mph,fresh breeze
6 25-31mph,strong breeze
7 32-38mph,near gale
8 39-46mph,gale
9 47-54mph,strong gale
10 55-63mph,storm
11 64-73mph,violent storm
12 74+mph,hurricane
1. 1,74-95
2. 2,96-110
3. 3,111-130
4. 4,131-155
5. 5,155+
stages of hurricane: 1.tropical disturbance2.tropical depression3.tropical storm4.hurricane
F0 40-72mph
F1 73-112mph
F2 113-157mph
F3 158-206mph
F4 207-260mph
F5 261-318mph
F6 319-379mph
tornado speeds from least to greatest. Gale tornadoModerate tornadoSignificent tornadoSevere tornadoDevastating tornado
Created by: adriana bibeau