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chief, seat of government capital
to behead decapitate
covering for the head cap
headland, a sleeveless garment fastened at the neck hanging over the back and shoulders cape
economic system in which individuals invest in industries capitilism
headman, leader captain
to give one's head to the enemy, surrender capitulate
apt to change one's mind quickly capricious
horse's parade headdress caparison
to go back over the head or main parts recapitulate
The child wore a black _______ to play the part of the witch in the "Wizard of Oz". cape
The car wreck caused the man to be _________ed and lose his head. decapitated
When the weather is so cold, you need to wear a ____ on you head to stay warm. cap
The ________ of South Carolina is Columbia capital
The ________ of the ship is the one who call all of the orders and tells the crew where to take the ship. captain
My sister is very _________ in the morning when deciding which clothes to wear. capricious
In the girls vs boys soccer game, the girls reluctuntly __________ed in defeat to the boys. capitulate
In the Rose Bowl Parade, the horse will wear a grand _______ made total of roses. caparison
After a long discussion, the teacher ___________ed the summary points of the book in review. recapitulate
Companies operating under __________ gain wealth under independent ownership, rather than by government ownership. capitalism
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