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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine (Updated)

an index for measuring obesity. BMI
happens when a joint, such as the ankle or knee, is moved past its normal and safe range of motion sprain
a process of designing work areas and devices to accommodate human physical characteristics ergonomics
a muscle that crosses the affected joint is injured instead of a ligament. strain
methods of treatment modalities
exercise is cardiovascular in nature, where fat loss or muscle toning is the focus aerobic
more effective than dry heat moist heat
sets up and monitors a workout schedule and diet designed to meet the specific goals of each client. CPT
exercise is directed toward increasing muscle mass. anaerobic
specialists who study the athlete’s performance. CSCS
can be used to gauge cardiovascular fitness by assessing the athlete’s efficiency of oxygen consumption and cardiac output V02 max test
not involving oxygen anaerobic
the study of movement of the body kinesiology
certified strength and conditioning specialist. CSCS
pathways use oxygen in manufacturing ATP. aerobic
research the effects of exercise on the human body. exercise physiologists
awareness of posture, movement, and change in the equilibrium of the body propioception
exercise performed by the health care employee that moves the joints through their available range passive range of motion
machine that holds and heats gel-filled packs for hot therapy hydrocollator
a simple way to remember the process of a evaluation is by using the acronym: SOAP
when the blood vessels dilate vasodilatation
involves passing a low electrical current through the body and determining the resistance to the current. electrical impedance test
a persons weight in water is comparedd to their weight out of the water hydrostatic testing
determines body fat percentages body fat caliper
used when swelling reduction is the primary focus. cold thearpy
Assesses injured players, provides acute care for injuries and conveys information on the athlete’s injury to medical personnel. job duties an ATC (certified athletic trainer) may perform on the athletic field.
Height, weight, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, body fat percentage, circumferential measurements of arms, thighs, chest, waist, and hips. measurements a personal trainer will use to set a client’s goals.
What exercise uses oxygen to produce energy for the muscle, Examples are distance running and cross-country skiing. Aerobic
What exercise uses ATP already present in the cell for energy and does not invlove oxygen. Examples are sprinting, high jumping, and low repetition, high resistance weightlifting Anaerobic
What specialist focuses on the improvement of athletic performance. CSCS (certified strength and conditioning specialist)
What specialist focuses on the improvement of physical characteristics and fitness level. CPT (certified personal trainer)
Two common tests an exercise physicologist can perform. Stress and V02 max tests
therapists evaluate range of motion, strength, balance, proprioception, neuromuscular coordination, and swelling and note deficits. areas a sports physical therapist will evaluate for deficits
Subjective findings; Objective measurements; Assessment of deficits and short and long term goal setting; Plan of care to achieve goals is called SOAP notes
It is important to test the client’s sensitivity to a light touch during hot and cold applications to be sure he or she has sufficient feeling to notice if the skin is getting too hot or cold.
If the client has an adverse effect from a treatment or test you should stop the treatment immediately and contact the supervisor or primary therapist. Give the appropriate first aid, if needed.
Appropriate temperature for a hydrocollator is 155-163° F.
Acute injury less than 48 hours old with localized swelling, numbness or compromised feeling, active infection, cancer in the treatment area, blood clot is reasons not to use heat treatments.
Numbness or compromised feeling, decreased circulation, extremely large area is reasons not to use cold treatments.
Used to promote relaxation and increase blood flow to an area. heat
Used to decrease swelling and blood flow. Cold can also be used to decrease muscle spasms. cold
A record number of Americans are obese. This means they have a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30
If a person has a BMI less than 20 he/she is considered underweight
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