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Biology 14.2

Biology- Evolution: A Retreat from Science 14.2

Changes within a particular kind of organisms referring to variations in the gene pool within population is what? speciation
The process by which new kinds of creatures emerge from existing kinds over time. macroevolution
Has macroevolution ever been observed in nature? No.
What is the study of fossils is called? paleontologoy
What is one of the most powerful evidences against evolution? The fossil record when viewed from a biblical perspective.
Geologist of Darwin's day expected the fossil record to prove evolution by providing fossils of _________ ________, or "_______ ________" transitional forms or "missing links"
Has any true, unquestionable transitional form or "missing link" ever been found to bridge the gaps between different kinds of organisms. NO.
The hypothesis that evolutionary development is marked by isolated episodes of rapid specialization between long periods of little or no change. Punctuated equilibrium hypothesis
The simple-to-complex sequence of fossils known as _______ ______ or geologic time chart. geologic column
The geologic column is a _____ ______ of fossils and rocks collated from everywhere, arranged according to evolutionary assumptions; even in the few locations where a large portion of the column may be founds, individual layers or systems are incomplete. hypothetical arrangements
Where is the succession of fossils indicated by the geologic column? Nowhere in the world!!!
The trilobites lived before dinosaurs and dinosaurs lived before mammals is only and _______ based upon the hypothesis of evolution. assumption
Layers in the geologic column are identified by the presence of characteristic fossils or ___ ____ of those layers. index fossils
Evolutionists also use a technique known as _______ _________to lend credence to the ancient dates used in the geologic column. radiometric dating
One of the serious contradictions between the facts of the fossil record and the hypothesis of evolution is known as the "________ _________." Cambrian explosion
The Cambrian explosion is just the arrangement we would expect if....??? life were divinely created
Rocks of the Devonian Period contain fossils of an unusual 6-foot-long fish called the _________. coelacanth
the fossil bird ___________ is often presented as an evolutionary link between dinosaurs and modern birds. Archaeopteryx
What is the "horse series" really? A collection of unrelated mammals that share similar overall body parts
The book in which Darwin points out the similarities between man and "other animals." The Descent of Man
One of the most famous "early man" fossils of the 20th century was Eoanthropus commonly known as _____ _______. Piltdown Man
For over _____ ______, Piltdown Man was used as "proof" that man had evolved form apes. 40 years
One example is the famous "early human" known as Hesperopithecus, or ______ _______. Nebraska Man
What was Nebraska Man reconstructed from? A single tooth
What was Nebraska Man's tooth? it came from a extinct pig
Another "missing link" between apes and humans that has been discarded is _________. It was a medium-sized ape originally "reconstructed" from a few teeth, a heavy jawbone, and fragments of facial bones. Ramapithecus
What does Homo habilis mean? "handy man"
Dubios dubbed the fossil Pithecanthropus erectus, but it was popularly referred to as _______ ________. Java Man
Fossils were found in the city of Beijing, China that were simmilar to Java Man's fossils they chose to call these? _____ _____ Peking Man
In a limestone cave perched on a cliff in Germany's Neander valley yielded the first skeletal remains of what would become known as ______ ______ which had apelike features. Neanderthal man
He was discovered in 1868 in southwest France and thought to be an early man. Cro-Magnon man
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