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Biology 14.1

Biology- Evolution: A Retreat from Science 14.1 -FINISHED

The acceptance of evolution by the scientific community can be credited largely to the British naturalist _________ ________. Although he was virtually unknown in his day, his naturalistic ideas would eventually have an enormous impact. Charles Darwin
Who wrote Principles of Geology? Charles Lyell
Who created uniformitarianism? Charles Lyell
The idea that the present is the only key to the past, and that all things continue by natural processes at the same rate as they always have done. uniformitarianism
The cornerstone of Darwin's hypothesis was ______ ________, the idea that the fittest and strongest of each species were more likely to survive and reproduce than weaker, poorly adapted animals. natural selection
This reasoning is faulty because variety within kinds has ______ _____- a fact that Darwin would not accept. definite boundaries
What does natural selection really do? it preserves existing kinds, not to create new kinds
Some of Darwin's followers founded the "science" or _____, which sought to improve the humans species by selectively breeding humans to produce a "master race". eugenics
Created by: Teens