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Energy Test

Science: Energy Test

When objects of different masses are hanging on a string, what combination creates the greatest gravitational potential energy? high height and high mass
What is the Law of Conservation of Energy? Energy cannot be created or destroyed but it can transfer.
What are renewable energy sources? wind, solar, hydro, tidal
What energy transformation takes place once the hood of the car becomes hot after driving for awhile? kinetic to thermal energy
What does NOT contribute to the formation of fossil fuels? dead plants, heat and pressure, time
When you open the door to a refrigerator for a minute, what happens? Thermal energy in the air outside the refrigerator goes inside the refrigerator.
What energy transformation takes place when a light is turned in? electrical to thermal to light
Why do we NOT use solar energy more often as an energy source? not all areas get the same amount of light, equipment is expensive, storing energy is hard
The efficiency of an average gasoline powered car is about 20%. What does this mean? The car uses 20% of the energy stored for motion.
What energy transformation takes place when a radio is plugged in and turned on? electrical to sound waves
What are nonrenewable energy sources? nuclear, petroleum, coal, oil
What is potential energy? stored energy
What is the source of all energy sources? nuclear energy from the sun
What energy transformation takes place when a volleyball player hits the ball? chemical potential to thermal to kinetic
What type of energy is a skier at the top of a mountain? P.E. - gravitational potential energy
What type of energy is gasoline in a stored tank? P.E. - chemical
What type of energy is a burning candle wick? K.E. - thermal and light
What type of energy is a spring in a pinball machine before it is released? P.E. - elastic
What type of energy is an ice cub sitting on the table melting at room temperature? K.E. - thermal
Created by: white_amanda