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CIW Lesson 1

Study guide notes that you should study bro

The IT department deals with things like Computer and tech services Applications (installing/fixing software) End Users (assisting customers- help desk)
PDF resumes: Compatible across al computer platforms Not vulnerable to viruses Need PDF software
HTML resumes Posted as Web pages or sent as HTML-based e-mail messages Retain the formatting characteristics of a word-processing file
What is ISO? International Organization for Standarization
What is IETF? Internet Engineering Task Force
Crowdsourcing A task ordinarily performed by one person is outsourced to a large group or community
Collective Intelligence The ability of a group to exhibit a greater degree of intelligence by solving problems collaboratively compared to the intelligence of an individual member
Ajax Enables Web Applications to interact with users in much the same way they do with desktop applications
Wikis Web pages that can be viewed and modified by anybody with a Web browser and access to the Internet
Folksonomy tagging of online content so non-technical users can classify and find information
Web feed services Content publicly available to users via Web feeds (e.g., RSS, Atom);syndication
Podcasts Audio/video digital-media files distributed through Web feeds to subscribed users
Semantic Web Web data that is contextualized with the addition of machine-readable metadata
Mashups Web pages that integrate content and scripts from multiple Web sites to create new applications
Social networking The grouping of individuals with common interests or goals into specific groups or communities
Instant Messaging Computer-based method of communication in which users can type and view messages sent to one or more recipients and view the responses immediately
Short Message Service (SMS) Text Messaging- Short text messages from mobile phones "Short" Text messages: Are no large than 140 bytes and no longer than 160 characters
SMS gateway Service that allows you to send text messages to an instant messaging (IM) service, the World Wide Web and desktop computers
Windows Remote Assistance Allows a user to seek assistance from another person in a remote location Runs on Windows systems
Blog 9short for "web log" A collection of personal thoughts posted on a public Web site
Trackback A blogger receives notification when other bloggers link to his or her blog entry
Microformats Allow bloggers to incorporate information from Web sites into their blog entries
Unified communication A business trend that seeks to simplify an integrate all forms of communication
Convergence The integration of telephony and data networks and technologies
Presencing A status indicator that conveys a person's willingness and ability to engage in communications in real time
Network two or more computers connected together so they can communicate with each other
Client/server model most popular form of network. Individual computers and devices interact with one another through a central server
Client An individual computer connected to a network
Server A computer that manages network resources
Node AN individual computer or other device connected to a network
Local area network (LAN) A group of computers connected in a small geographic area (campus, home, business)
Widea area network (WAN) A collection of LANs that are linked together. Span a wide geographic area The organization leases some of the components needed connect those networks together
Internet A vast network of LANs and WANs that electronically connects millions of people wordwide
World Wide Web A set of software programs that enables suers to access resources on the Internet via hypertext documents, or Web pages
Web page A document created in HTML containing hypertext links that, when clicked, enable users to access a different location or document
Web site A collection of related Web pages
Web browser A software application that enables users to easily access, view and navigate Web pages on the Internet
Protocol (rules for how we communicate and interact on the Internet) an greed-upon format for transmitting data between two devices
Packet A fixed piece of information sent across a network
TCP/IP Software that makes internet communication possible
Internet Service Provider (ISP) An organization that provides access to the INternet
Internet Protocol version 4 (IPv4) Supports 32-bit dotted quad IP address format
Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) Supports 128-bit hexadecimal address format
Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Used to transfer Web pages from a Web server to a Web client (Web browser)
Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) Used to access a secure Web server
FIle Transfer Protocol (FTP) Used to transfer files between computers on the Internet
Post Office Protocol (POP) Used to receive e-mail from an incoming mail server
Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) Used to receive e-mail from an incoming mail server
Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) Used by news servers to exchange newgroup articles
Domain Name System (DNS) Resolves IP addresses into easily recognizable names
.com commercial or company sites
.edu educational institutions, typically universitites
.org organization; originally clubs, associations and non-profit groups; currently, various types of organizations
.mil U.S. military
.gov U.S. civilian government
.net Network sites, including ISPs
.int International organizations (rarely used)
Domain name server A server on the Internet that resolves domain names into IP addresses
Reverse DNS The process of resolving IP addresses into domain names
Virtual domain A hosting service that allows a company to host its domain name on a third part ISP server
Shared Domain A hosting service that allows multiple entities to share portions of the same domain name
Crowdsourcing Outsourcing a task to an undefined group of people or community to obtain and analyze large amounts of data
Cloud Computing A paradigm in which users access software and services remotely over the internet
Most popular browsers in use today are: Windows Internet Explorer Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox
Alternative browsers include: Safari RockMelt Opera Konqueror Lynx
Multimedia Combined forms of media (text, animation, audio, video)
.avi Standard video files for WIndows
.mov .qt Standard fromats for QuickTIme movies
.mp4 Standard format for movies on the Internet
.ogg Video format designed for HTML5 video
.webm Royalty-free, open video and audio format designed for HTML5 video
.au Audio format used by UNIX servers
.aiff High-quality audio format developed by Apple Computer
.mp3 Format for compressing audio files that uses the MPEG-1 standard
.ogg Free alternative to MP3 format
.wav Native sound format for Windows
.png Free Open-source file format that has become an internet standard for graphics
.gif Bitmap format that uses lossless compression and supports various resolution; limited to 256 colors; most effective for drawings or illustrations
.jpg .jpeg .jfif Format that supports 16 million colors;uses lossy compression; widely used for photographs and complex graphics
.tif .tiff Popular customizable format that supports grayscale, 8-bit and 24-bit color, and monochrome; commonly used for medical imaging and desktop publishing
.ps Format designed for printing on postscript printers
Database an organized collection of information that pertains to a particular subject or purpose
Relational database a database that contains multiple tables related through common fields
Primary Key A field containing a value that uniquely identifies each record in a table
Foreign key A field in a related table that refers to the primary key in another table
Boolean operators Symbols or words used to narrow Internet search results by including or excluding certain words or phrases from the results
Popular Generally bases information on secondary resources
Scholarly Bases its research on primary resources
Outgoing mail protocol Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Incoming mail protocols Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)
Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) enables operating systems to map file name extensions to corresponding applications
Secure MIME (S/MIME) Secure version of MIME that adds encryption to MIME data
Pretty good privacy (PGP) A method of encrypting and decrypting e-mail messages
GNU (Privacy Guard (GPG) An open-source version of PGP
Created by: Jason.11



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