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Science Junior Cert

Three functions of the skeleton are ? Support, protection, movement
What organ does the skull protect? Brain
What two organs does the rib cage protect? Heart and lungs
What is bone made up of Living cells
What do the living cells in bone release that gives bone it's hard framework Calcium
What is the name of the long bone that runs done the back called Spine
The spine Is made up of individual bones called what? Vertebrae
What lies between and separates each vertebrae Discs of cartilage
When are joints formed Where bone meets bone
What type of joint is in the skull Fused joint
What type of joint is present in the knee and elbow Hinge joint
What type of joint is present in the shoulder and hip Ball an socket
Ligaments join what together Bone to bone
Tendons join what together Muscle to bone
Why is it necessary to have cartilage between bones acts as a shock absorber
What do you call the fluid that surrounds the cavity around a joint Synovial fluid
What is the name given to muscles that work in opposite directions Antagonistic pairs
What do you call the two main muscles in the arm Biceps and triceps
Another name for the funny bone is what? Humerous
What is the name of the longest bone in the leg? Femur
What do you call the part that the spine protects? Spinal cord
What are the names of the two bones below the knee Tibia and Fibula
What are the names of the two bones below the elbow Radius and Ulna
Created by: Teacher Amrein