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MCC Nursing Unit 3

Diagnostic Test

What is the nurse's role during a diagnostic test? 1.Assist the physician or practitioner as needed 2.Handle specimen containers 3.Administer medications if needed 4.Promote patient saftey 5.Provide patient support 6.Ensures sterility is maintained through the procedure 7.Documents patients data
What is the nurse's role after a diagnostic test? 1.Assess the patient 2.Observe the predictable complications 3.Report significant changes to provider the patient and family in the waiting room 5.Teach the patient and family about the differences between positive and neg results or what the expected normal results are.
HIGH ALERT!! Always label specimen collection... At the BEDSIDE using Patients name and Date of Birth
Specimen Collection... Use standard precaution Dispose of Sharps correctly Make sure equipment is disposed of properly . (cleaning and sterilization if being reused)
What are the 4 methods of Blood Specimen Collection? 1. Venipuncture 2.Arterial Puncture 3. Capillary puncture 4.Central Venous Catheter sample
What are the most frequently used diagnostic test? 1.CBC -complete blood count 2.Blood chemistry studies 3.Coagulation studies 4.Blood glucose 5. kidney functions 6.blood lipids studies
What is the nurse's responsibility before a diagnostic test? 1. Prepare the patient based on physicians orders or restrictions 2.schedule the procedure or test 3.Teach the pt about the procedure and answer any questions 4.Witness signatures and informed consent documents 5.Physically prepare the patient for the test and gather necessary equipment
Created by: MCCGroup5
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