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Latin College Mottos

When not in English, university mottoes are usually in Latin.

Nil sine magno labore. Brooklyn ("Nothing without great effort.")
In Deo speramus. Brown ("In God we trust.")
Respice, adspice, prospice. City College of NY ("Look back, look to the present, look to the future.")
In lumine tuo videbimus lumen. Columbia ("In thy light, we shall see light.")
Vox clamantis in deserto. Dartmouth ("A voice of one crying in the wilderness.")
Scientia sol mentis. Delaware ("Knowledge, the sun of the mind.")
Sapientia et doctrina. Fordham ("Wisdom and knowledge.")
Veritas. Harvard ("Truth.")
Mihi cura futuri. Hunter ("My anxiety is for the future.")
Veritas vos liberabit. Johns Hopkins ("Truth will free you.")
Prodessequam conspici. Miami ("To the productive, rather than to be ornamental.")
Perstare et praestare. NYU ("To preserve and to surpass".)
Pro ecclesia et patria. Trinity ("For church and country.")
Non sibi, sed suis. Tulane ("Not for herself, but for her own.")
Crescat scientia, vita excolatur. U Chicago ("Let knowledge increase, let life be perfected.")
Civium in moribu rei publiae salus. U Florida ("In the character of its citizens lies the welfare of the state.")
Artes, scientia, veritas. U Michigan ("The arts, knowledge, truth.")
Virtute et armis. U Mississippi ("By valour and arms.")
Salus populi. U Missouri ("The welfare of the people.")
Lux hominum vita. U New Mexico ("Light of the life of men.")
Lux sit. U Washington ("Let there be light.")
Lux et veritas. Yale ("Light and truth.")
Crux spes unica. Notre Dame ("The cross is the only hope.")
Terras irradient. Amherst ("Let them illumine the earth.")
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