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Biology 13.3 SR

Biology- Natural History and Scientific Investigation 13.3 SR -FINISHED

What is the role of Scripture in scientific work? to furnish us with an interpretative framework
Name two Biblical presuppositions upon which modern science is based. 1.) There is a cause or reasonable explanation for every effect or event in creation. 2.) There is something real to be discovered and understood about creation.
Explain the steps in the scientific method. 1.) State the problem clearly. 2.) Think of possible solutions. 3.) Test the hypothesis. 4.) Reach a conclusion. 5.) Test the conclusion.
How did Redi's and Pasteur's experiments repudiate the idea of spontaneous generation? because not even the simplest of organisms can develop from nonliving matter
State the law of bio-genesis. Living things can only come from other living things
Explain why modern "social scientist" such as anthropologists, economists, psychologists, and sociologists often err in their conclusions bout the nature of man and his society. cause the goal of science is to be determined God's law of nature and to use them for man's benefit and glorify God
Why is science unable to answer questions about spiritual realities or ultimate origins? because biology is limited to finding God's design in the physical part of the living creation and applying that knowledge to help man dominate the earth
Created by: Teens