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study stack #4

chordate a animal that is possessing a notochord
notochord a cartilaginous skeletal rod supporting the body
vertebra a bunch of small bones that make one back bone
ectotherm cold blooded
endotherm warm blooded
fish limbless, cold blooded, vertbra
cartilage a softer type of bone
swim bladder a gas filled sack that allows the fish to sink or float
amphibian a cold blooded vertebrate
tadpole a baby frog
ventricle a hollow part in an organ
habitat a natural home to a living organism
reptile a cold blooded vertebrate
kidney a organ in the body that turns our wast into pee
amniotic egg type of egg purebred by a reptile
bird a warm blooded egg laying verabrae
crop a place in the bird that stores water
gizzard a place in the bird that stores food
mammal a living thing with a back bone
mammary gland a milk producing gland in a woman
monotreme a mammal that lays large yolky eggs
marsupial a mammal that is born incompletely developed
gestation period a important period in the devolving time
placental mammal a group of mammals
Created by: kasey.crossley