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Pershing Chem 1and3

Pershing Chem 1 and 3

What unit of measurement do you use to describe a solid cube of aluminum grams / cm cubed
What chemical property is responsible for wood burning? flammability
What property of matter measures gravitational force on an object? weight
What is an example of a chemical change? milk going sour
Why does ice float on water? liquid water is more dense than ice
If there are several layers of liquid in a granulated cylinder, where is the most dense liquid? on the bottom (and the least dense is on the top)
What is not a common sign that a chemical change has taken place? change in state of matter (ice to water is not a chemical change)
What is an example of a physical change? melting ice cubes
What does density describe? the relationship between mass and volumn
A substances malleability is an example of what kind of property? a physical property
What is a compound? a pure substance made of 2 or more elements that are chemically combined
What way could you have sugar dissolve more quickly? use warmer water
What is an alloy? solid solution of metal or nonmetal dissolved in a metal
Which is the solvent when salt is mixed into a glass of water? the salt
Properties of both solutions and suspensions are part of what? a colloid
When is a solution formed? When particles of 2 or more substances are evenly distributed among each other
How is a compound different from a mixture? in a compound, the substances loses their characteristic properties
What can the particles do in both a solution and a colloid? they can pass through a fine filter
Created by: ellist