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What is evolution? Scientific theory explains how living things descended from earlier organisms * change over time * takes million of years *helps to understand “life on earth”
What evidence supports evolution? Fossils DNA similar protein Similar body structures Early embryonic development
What is an analogous structure? a structure in an organism that serves the same function in different species but they evolved independently
What is an homologous? Characteristics that are shared by related species because they were from a common ancestor
What is a naturalist? a person that observes and studies natural world
What are the four parts of Darwin's theory? fossils diversity Galapagos Organisms Darwin's hypothesis
What is adaptation? a trait that increases an organisms ability to survive and reproduce
What is artificial selection? only an organism with a desired trait is bred- so trait will be passed on
What is natural selection? process of adaptations of organism make them better suited for their environment and therefore have greater survival and ability to reproduce
What factors affect natural selection? Overproduction Competition Selection Environmental change Genes and natural Selection Variation
What is overproduction? Too many produced not enough food, water, and space available to survive
What is variation? differences within a species
What is competition? competition for food, living space, etc usually indirectly
What is selection? better adapted to environment-> better survival -> pass traits onto offspring
What is environmental change? Change in environment can change in ability survive
What is genes and natural selection? without variation all species have some traits/ chance of survival
Where does variation come from? Change in gene/ shuffling of eggs and sperm
What did Darwin propose about natural selection? overlong time, natural selection can lead to change- helpful variations increase, unfavorable may disappear
How do species go extinct?
Created by: Adelyn20