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Oceanogrphy Chap 12

Methods that Scientists use to study sediment. Clamshell sampler, piston corer, drilling ships
The study of layers under the ocean that scientists use Stratigraphy
Sediments that originate from organisms are called what? Biogenous
Sand and clay sediments which are the most abundant? Lithogenous
Sediment particles have a size classification based on what? It's diameter
What is the most easily eroded sediment? Sand
Continental shelf sedimentation is controlled mostly by what factors? Tides, waves, and currents
Course continental-shelf deposits from a lower sea level? relict sediments
Continental shelf sedimentation occurs_____ than deep-ocean sedimentation. Faster
Deep-ocean sediment has more of this than continental-shelf sediment. Biogenous sediment
What deposits are mostly found below the carbonate compensation depth because calcareous material dissolves quickly. Siliceous
The reason that deep-ocean sediment has the same composition as the surface water above it. Fecal pellets (Copepod waste)
Deep-ocean nodules are believed to form by what process? A Biological process around a nucleus
Currently, what are the most important economic resources found in ocean sediments? Oil and natural gas
Created by: FordLCHS