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Science 5th grade

test 2/17/2015

Circuits in your home actually begin and end at power plants
the outlets in your home provide _________ current alternating
A switch controls the _________ of electricity flow
special switches such as _______ (for temperature) and ________ (controls light brightness) can be used thermostats dimmers
Circuit _______, _________ and _________ outlets protect you by limiting the flow of electricity breakers, fuses and GFCI
________ measure the amount of electrons you NEED (does not change) Volts
__________ measure how fast you use the electrical energy (does not change) Watts
__________ measure how many electrons flow by amps
watts= amps x _____ volts
kilowatt hours measure the ________ of electricity you use amount
How does electricity get to your house after it is made in a power plant? The electricity goes through power lines
What are some of the electrical safety devices in your home and how do they work? GFCI outlets because if you are getting electrocuted, it stops the flow of electricity. Insulation on wires because it keeps you from getting shocked
Magnetism creates ________ electricity
Electricity creates ________ magnetism
Magnets have 2 ______; electricity has 2 _______ poles charges
the same poles _______ repel
opposite poles ________ attract
The same charges _____ repel
Opposite charges ________ attract
________ forces do not need to touch to repel or attract Magnetic
______ charges do not need to touch to repel or attract Electricity
A ________ uses a __________ to produce _________ energy generator magnet electrical
What are the 4 main parts to a generator Magnet - turned by drive shaft Copper wire - magnet moves electron in the wire Drive shaft - turns magnet turbine - turns the drive shaft
This is how a generator works 1 - The turbine is turned by something that moves (mechanical energy) 2- the turbine turns the drive shaft 3-the drive shaft turns the magnet 4-the magnet moves electrons in the copper wire 5-the electrons move out to other wires (electricity)
Steam, _____ water, and the _________ can be used to turn the turbine moving wind
______, coal, natural gas and ______ can be burnt to heat up water to make steam oil biomass
Natural _____ and _____ are the most popular, but they pollute the air gas coal
_______ panels can produce electricity without a generator (photovoltaic cells) solar
Describe how the chemical energy in coal is turned into electrical energy It goes through a hopper and into a furnace
Describe how the kinetic energy of a river is turned into electrical energy water turns a wheel that is connected to a turbine which makes electricity
Created by: sdrago