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Hiragana words

あい Love
うえ Above; top
おか Hill
きく To hear; to ask
こけ Moss (n.)
いけ Pond (n.)
かう To Buy (v.)
えき Station (n.)
いく To go (v.)
ここ Here (place physically close to the speaker, place pointed by the speaker while explaining); this place; (n.)
あう To meet (v.)
こえ Voice (n.)
かく To Write (v.)
おけ Bucket (n.)
かお Face (n.)
いえ House; residence; dwelling (n.)
あき Autumn; Fall (n.)
いう To say (v.)
あかい Red (adj.)
あおい Blue; Green (adj.)
きおく Memory; recollection (n.)
えかき Painter (n.)
すし Sushi (n.)
つち Earth; soil; dirt; (n.)
そと outside; exterior; (n.)
さけ Sake (Japanese Liquor) (n.)
てつ Iron; steel (n.)
せき Seat; cough (n.)
たつ to stand; to rise; to stand up; (v.) dragon (n.)
とち Land (n.)
うた Song (n.)
こと thing; matter; (n.)
すそ Hem (n.)
たい Sea bream (n.)
てき opponent; rival; adversary; (n.)
しち Seven (n.)
あせ Sweat (n.)
さす to pierce; to stab; to prick; to stick; to thrust; (v.) to point;to identify; to indicate; to point out;to nominate; to select someone; to specify some person; (v.)
うそ lie; falsehood; incorrect fact; (n.)
きせつ Seasons (n.)
あした Tomorrow (n.)
さとい Clever, Sharp (of senses) (adj.) smart; sensitive; discerning (adj.)
せきてい Rock Garden (Japanese Style) (n.)
ちかてつ underground train; subway (n.)
なに What (n.)
ほね Bone (n.)
ぬの Cloth (n.)
ひふ Skin (n.)
へた unskillful; Bad at (adj.)
はな Flower; (n.) Nose (n.)
ふね Boat (n.)
かに Crab (n.)
ひな young bird; chick; (n.) Doll (n.)
はし Chopsticks; Bridge (n.)
きぬ Silk (n.)
ほし Star (n.)
ひと Person (n.)
のき Eaves; narrow aisle surrounding the core of a temple building (n.)
にし West (n.)
はいく Haiku (n.)
かたな Katana (n.)
ねつけ Carved figure (n.)
たぬき Racoon dog (n.)
せいふ Government; administration (n.)
いのしし Wild Boar (n.)
へいそつ Soldier (n.)
やま Mountain
ゆめ Dream
よむ To Read
もも Peach
みや Shrine
こめ uncooked rice
つゆ Dew
むし Insect
まつ Pine; To Wait
うめ Japanese Plum
むね Chest; breast
きもの Kimono
さしみ Sliced Raw Fish
やまと Yamato (Japanese name)
ゆかた Yukata
すみえ India Ink drawing
はなみ Blossom Viewing
みこし Portable Shrine
うきよえ Woodblock Print
せともの Porcelain
すきやき Sukiyaki
わん Bowl; bay
てら Temple
つる Crane; To Fish
これ This
ふろ Bath
のり Edible seaweed; paste
はる Spring; To Stretch
れい Politeness; soul
しろ White; castle
にほん Japan
さくら Cherry Blossom
うちわ Round fan
まつり Festival
ほたる Firefly
ふとん Futon
れきし History
わふく Japanese Clothing
りろん Theory
ふろしき cloth wrapper for parcels
はらきり Harakiri
ひのまる Rising Sun Flag
さむらい Samurai
えまき Picture Scroll
Created by: Kakira05