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Uranus / Neptune

What is the major feature Triton? filled with geysers
How long does it take for Neptune to revolve and rotate? 164 years to revolve, 16 hours to rotate
What gas other than helium and hydrogen is in the atmosphere of Uranus and Neptune?(makes them look blue) Methane
How long does it take Uranus to revolve and rotate? 84 years to revolve, 17 hrs to rotate
How is Uranus' orbit different than other planets? rolls like a ball
Who discovered Uranus? William and Caroline Herschel
How was Neptune found? Not found accidentally. Scientist were looking for it.
What makes Neptune's orbit special? It wobbles
What is the largest moon that move around Neptune? Trition
What are Uranus' moons? Cordelia and Ophelia
What does Eureka mean? I found it.
What is the crater on Saturn's moon Mimas? Herschel crater
What is the storm called that was visible on Neptune? The Great Dark Spot
What did the Hershel's do before discovering Uranus? Sang opera, built telescopes, beginner astronomers
What was the educational background of the Hershel's? homeschooled
Created by: johnston5