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CfE Higher 12-13

CfE Higher Vocab - Topic 12 (Micro-orgs) & Topic 13 (Genetic Control)

Mutagenic agent Factors that increase the rate of mutation, e.g. X-rays.
Death phase Stage 4 of microorganism growth, the number of cells dying is now more than the number of new cells being produced.
Restriction endonuclease An enzyme that cuts specific target sequences of DNA.
Recombinant DNA technology A technique used to transfer gene sequences from one organism to another, and sometimes one species to another.
Ethics Rules of behavior based on ideas about what is morally good and bad.
Stationary phase Stage 3 of microorganism growth - the birth and death rate of microorganisms is equal.
Log/exponential phase Stage 2 of microorganism growth, microorganisms grow and multiply at their maximum rate.
Mutagenesis The process of changing a microorganism’s genetic material using mutagenic agents.
Restriction site A specific sequence of DNA that is cut open by a restriction enzyme.
Lag phase Stage 1 of microorganism growth, when the cells are adjusting to their surroundings.
Generation time The time taken for a cell to divide into two.
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