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chapter 7//lessons 1-6

what part of the earth consists of water in the form of ice the cryosphere
2 soures of energy that drives the earth system heat from sun and heat flowing out of earth as it cools
whats ultraviolet wavelengths invisible form of energy with wavelengths that are shorter than wavelengths for violet light
what is greenhouse effect trapping of heat near planets surface by gases in atmosphere
water heats slower than land because... land heats faster because less energy required to heat land than water
infrared radiation is longer wavelengths then red light
global winds develop by... unequal heating of earth but over large area
what are sunspots dark cooler regions on surface of sun
how are climates classified temp and precipitation
drought- long period of scarce rainfall or dry weather
ice ages- periods of glacial advance
factors of climate change movement of continents; changes in position of earth relative to sun; volcanic eruptions; changes in the suns energy output
when are tornadoes most likely to form in florida feb-april
safest place to be during a tornado storm shelter or basement
whats a storm surge rush of water caused by powerful winds
whats important bout ozone layer protects living things from uv rays
layers of atmosphere troposphere; stratosphere; mesosphere; thermosphere
most abundent gas in atmosphere nitrogen
what group of gases destroyed ozone layer chlorofluorocarbons
livestock emits... methane
gradual increse of atmosphere global warming
gas added to atmosphere by burning fossis fuels carbon dioxide
Created by: gabbypowell