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Muscular System

What are muscles? An organ that contracts, becomes shorter, or expands, becomes longer, which allows the body to move.
How many muscles are int he human body? More than 600 muscles.
What percent of body mass is muscle? 35-40%.
What are the two groups of muscles? Voluntary and involuntary.
What are voluntary muscles, and provide an example. Muscles that you can control; arms, legs, hands, face.
What are involuntary muscles, and provide an example. Muscles you can't control; muscles around the heart, intestines.
What are smooth muscles? Involuntary muscles that contract slowly and move substances through the organs they surround; found in the walls of the stomach, intestine, uterus,...
What are cardiac muscles and what is their purpose? Make up the walls of the heart; pump blood.
What are skeletal muscles? Voluntary muscles that contract quickly and tire easily.
How are skeletal muscles attached to bones? By tendons, which are thick bands that pull on the bones as the muscle contracts.
What do skeletal muscles look like under a microscope Striated, or striped.
True of False; Skeletal muscles always push. False.
How do skeletal muscles cause the body to move? By working in pairs; one muscle contracts while the other muscle relaxes.
What is the result of the body creating thermal energy when muscles contract? Produce heat and keep the body temperature constant.
What happens when a muscle contracts and uses chemical energy? Glucose is used and muscles get tired and need to rest.
Created by: Sachi