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Astronomy lesson 10

Apologia Astronomy lessons 10

What is the temperature range on Saturn? 300 degrees below zero to about 20,000 degrees in the center
Saturn is the only planet that would float in water (if there was a body of water large enough). Why? Because it is less dense than water
What are Saturn's rings made of? dust, ice and rocks
Name 2 of Saturn's shepherd moons (that we learned about in class). Pandora and Prometheus
Are Saturn's moons all round? No, many are irregularly shaped rocks which means they were probably space rocks pulled in by Saturn's gravity.
What is the name of Saturn's largest moon (not a shepherd moon)? Titan
The spacecraft that is exploring Saturn will send out a probe named what? Huygens (after the man who used a more powerful telescope than Galileo & discovered that Saturn had rings)
The probe that is being sent out will collect and test samples of what? dirt from Titan (Saturn's largest moon)
The spacecraft trip that is exploring Saturn and her moons is named what? Cassini Mission
Saturn's tilt causes it to have what? seasons
How many moons does Saturn have? more than 30
How long is a day on Saturn? 10 hours (in Earth time)
How long is a year on Saturn? 30 years (in Earth time)
Does rotating on its axis determine how long a year is or how long a day is? how long a day is
Does revolving around the Sun determine how long a year is or how long a day is? how long a year is
Who originally thought that Saturn's rings were handles on each side of the planet? Galileo
Is Saturn a terrestrial or gaseous planet? gaseous
What planet do astronomers call a twin of Saturn? Jupiter
Saturn is what number planet from the Sun? 6th from the Sun
What is the job of shepherd moons? They "herd" together the rings of Saturn to keep them from spreading out too far.
What are the bands around Saturn? They are bands of clouds which contain storms.
Created by: amcollins