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Continental Divide The line that marks the separation between rivers flowing east to west
Permafrost permanently frozen ground
Nomad a person moving place to place with no permanent home
migration movement of people within a country
lock section of a waterway with closed gates where water levels are raised and lowered
columbian exchange movement of plants, animals, and disease during the age of exploration
suburb political community touching the borders of a central city
export good that is sold to another country
multinational a corporation that engages in business worldwide
reserve public land set aside for native people by governmen
infrastructure basic support systems needed to keep an economy going
biological weapon a virus that can be used to harm/kill people, animals, or plants
metis person of mixed French, Canadian, and native american ancestry
province political unit
megalopolis a region in which several large cities and surrounding areas grow together
parliament lawmaking body whose members are elected or appointed and legislative and executive functions are combined
frontier free open land in the American West available for settlement
free enterprise economic system in which private individuals own most of the resources, technology, and operate them for profit
metropolitian area functional area including a city and is surrounding suburbs that are linked economically
urban sprawl poorly planned development that spreads a citys population over a wider geographic area
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