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Coastal Ecosystems

*Coast Terms* (Especially 4 Geography As)

Succession Changes that take place in plant communities over time as conditions change
Psammosere A plant succession that developes on sand dunes
Pioneer Species Species that colonise pristine environments They need not be very tolerant and flexible eg. SPARTINA on mud flats
Seral Stage Stage in succession from colonisation to climax (blank)
Sub-climax Plant community that is inhibited from reaching its climax by natural factors (blank)
Plagio-climax A stable community formed as a result of human activity (blank)
Climax A stable community at the end of a succession that is in balance with prevailing abiotic conditions (blank)
Prisere A succession developing from a bare surface i.e Mud flats
Colonisation The arrival and establishement of plants in an area (blank)
Species Variety of plant that can interbreed with other memebers of a plant group (blank)
Successional Processes Processes that take place in a succession such as colonisation (blank)
Mud Flats Areas of fine silt and sediment deposited by marine action in sheltered zones (blank)
Creeks Shallow tidal inlets associated with mud flats (blank)
Embryo Dune Accumulation of sand that preceeds stable dune formation on which plant colonisation can begin (blank)
Fixed dune Dune that has been stabalised with a climax plant community of psammomere (blank)
Dune degradation Dune damage that often begins with "blow-outs" - frequently initiated by human action (blank)
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