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Env Sys Ch 7 Voc

Energy Today Part 1 Quiz

Crude oil Unrefined petroleum, taken from the ground.
Strata Layers of rock.
Source bed Layer of rock that was origin of valuable material.
Structural trap Form of coal produced at pressures and temperatures greater than those that produce lignite.
Residential and commercial sector Includes houses, apartments, office buildings, stores and shopping malls.
Attitude In geology, position or angle of rock layer in relation to point of reference.
Fault Crack in the crust of earth along which rocks have moved.
Porous Full of pores or tiny holes that can be occupied by fluids.
Stratigraphic trap Trap for underground fluids that results from orientation of layers.
Energy content Amount of heat energy released by the combustion of 1 unit mass of fuel.
Peat Mixture of plant fragments formed from partly decayed vegetation.
Hydrocarbon Vast family of compounds containing carbon and hydrogen.
Coal Black or brownish-black organic solid primarily carbon. It releases energy when burned.
Salt dome Solid mass of salt that was once fluid and flowed into fractures.
Industrial sector Includes manufacturing plants, paper mills, oil refineries, chemical and fertilizer plants etc.
Natural gas Gas mixture that is trapped in many places in the upper strata of earth.
Fossil fuel Remains of once-living plants and animals that can be burned to release energy.
Distillation Process of evaporation of liquid and condensing vapors.
Petroleum Oily, flammable liquid that may vary from colorless to black and occurs in many places in upper strata of the earth.
Reservoir Source or place of residence of some valuable material.
Impermeable Not permitting passage of fluids such as water.
Geologist One who studies make-up, structure, and history of the earth's crust.
Organic Derived from living organisms.
Anticline Upward fold of sedimentary rocks.
Permeable Open to passage or penetration by fluids.
Created by: IAMGCS
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