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Stack #183746

cubangbang's 7thA ch11 Little-Seen Kingdoms stacks#183746

most science books discuss both Archaebacteria and eubacteria
they share the characteristic of being the only prokaryotic organism
thus means that their members do not have a true membrame-bound nucleous and also lack many of the organelles found in the eukaryotic organisms
eubacteria also include the cyanobacteria
as seen through a microscope capable of high-power magnification,their cell wall give them three basic shapes:spherical,called:spiral,called;and rod shaped,called coccus,spirillum
what prefix indicates that bacteria are arranged in a cluster staph
what describes bacteria that are arranged end-to-end in long chains strep
the genus of bacteria that causes strep throat is called streptococcus
which kingdom is a very diverse kingdom kingdom protista
what are the more animal-like protists protozoa
which two creatures are from the genera paramecium and amoeba
the more plantlike protists are called algae
what is acommon genus of algal protists spirogyra
a group of unicellular protists living together,though each is capable of living separately,is called a colony
a special group of cells that perperform specific tasks are called tissues
whiplike hairs called flagella
hairlike projections called cilia
the bulges of cytoplasm are called pspeudopodia
because amoebas move in this manner,this type of movement has been named amoeboid movement
evolutionists often refer to single-celled organisms as "lower life forms"
what name means "first name" protozoan
has no mouth;but its cels do have chloroplasts spirogya
these invaginations pinch off from the membrane toward the inside and form food vacuoles
microscopic organisms that float or drift unear the ocean's surface plankton
occasionally a certain group of protists called dinoflagellates
what gives the water a reddish color red tide
FRAGMENTATION of colonies is a form of what kind of reproduction asexual reprodution
a type of sexual reproduction carried on by many protists conjugation
most fungal cells are long filaments called hyphae
black bread mold has three types of hyphae rootlike rhizoids,spreading stolons,and spore-bearing sporangia
the main part of the edible mushroom stalk,cap,and gills
they are made of densely packed hyphae called mycelia
if the food is already dead before the fungus absorbs it,the fungus is called saprophyte
if the food is alive,the fungus is called parasite
some fungi live together with algae in such an interwined condition that they appear as s ingle organism called a lichen
living together is a type of symbiotic
some fungi also live in symbiotic association with the roots of plants,these fungi is called mycorrhizae
penicillin is an extract from a mold called penicillium
Created by: ttgurl