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Troublesome Words

Words You Get CONFUSED!

Accept To receive
Except Other than
Already Before or by this time
All ready Completely prepared
Altogether In a group
All together Completely
Amount Quantity of things thought of as a unit
Number Quantity of things thought of as separate units
Beside Next to
Besides In addition to
Between Used for 2 people or things
Among Use when talking about 3 or more groups
Bring To carry from a distant place to a closer one
Take To carry from a nearby place to a more distant one
Choose To select
Chose Selected
In Inside
Into Indicates movement from outside to a point within
Its Possessive form of it
It's Contraction of it is
Lay To put or place
Lie To recline or be positioned
Learn To recieve knowledge
Teach To give knowledge
Leave To go away
Let To allow
Loose Not firmly attached
Lose To misplace or to fail to win
Raise To cause to move upwards or to grow
Rise To move upward
Set To place or put
Sit To place oneself in a seated position
Than Introduces second part of comparison
Then At the time
Their Possessive form of they
They're Contraction of they are
Who's Contraction of who is
Whose Possessive form of who
Created by: mjys02