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Petroleum Methods

Exam 1

What does the acronym LWD stand for? Logging while drilling
MWD Measurements while drilling
Logs measure? Formation thickness, porosity, water saturation
SoPhiHt Oil saturation equals (1-sw) porosity (thickness)
Why is Henri Doll important to petrologists? He was a leading figure in the development of oil well logging in creation of the phase detection circuitry
Archimedes important because of? discovery of density
Darcy important because of? equation relating laminar flow of a fluid
SP deflects to the left in Sand or Shale? Sand
GR deflects to the right in Sand or Shale? Shale
Resistivity is higher in water or oil Oil
Shale rocks have high or low resistivity? Low
High concentration of H indicates oil or gas? Oil
Density- Neutron crossover indicates? Gas
The rock layer holding down the hydrocarbon is called? Caprock
Why is the resistivity curve important? It distinguishes between salt water(fair conductor) and hydrocarbons(insulators)
MWD tools are mainly concerned with? bit position and wellbore trajectory
MWD send information to the surface using? pressure pulses in the mud column
The triple combo consist of? Induction laterolog, SP and GR, Density, Dual speed, Caliper
What addition gives the Quad combo Sonic log
What does GR measure? natural radioactivity from K,Th, U
_______________ is the most accurate core analysis to wireline log Whole coring
Advantages of sidewall coring Faster and less expensive
logging run is ___ one trip up and down
What is the unit of conductivity? mho (1/(ohm*meter))
Induction log measure? direct measurement made by ind. log devices rep. conductivity
An API gravity of 38 would fluorescence? White
Rock resistivity is dependent on? Porosity, water saturation and water resisitivity
Which of the following factors has the LEAST impact on casing seat selection? A. Rate of Penetration B. Pore pressure C. Kick tolerance D. Fracture gradient A
Which of the following is NOT a typical cause for a fishing job? A. Cementing error B. Differential sticking C. Swelling zone D. Use of oil-base mud D
Which of the following is NOT a component of the hoisting equipment for a drilling rig? A. Crown block B. Drawworks C. Drilling line D. Rotary table D
Which of the following is NOT a primary function of drilling fluids? A. Cuttings removal B. Frac proppant C. Lubrication and cooling D. Well control B
Which of the following methods is MOST likely to hydrostatically balance a well kick with only one circulation? A. Concurrent B. Driller’s C. Toolpusher’s D. Wait and weight D
Which of the following is a DISADVANTAGE of air drilling? A. Differential pipe sticking is eliminated B. Downhole explosions or fire may occur C. Lost circulation may be reduced D. Reduced thawing of frozen zones B
Which of the following is the LEAST likely characteristic of a reservoir fluid? A. Compressible liquid B. Gas C. Incompressible liquid D. Superfluid D
Resistivity measurements alone can be used to differentiate oil zones from gas (true/false) False
Low-permeability or tight gas reservoirs ordinarily produce at economic rates because they are Stimulated with long, highly conductive hydraulic fractures
How many points in 3D space are needed to define a plane? line? 3,2
How many planes can be defined from 6 dipmeter resistivity curves? 6C3 =20 planes
Which resistivity tool do we use while drilling with a salt based mud? Laterolog
What direction does the drill bite rotate? CW/CCW Google it
What are drill bits made of? usually steel, tungsten carbide, and/or synthetic or natural diamonds.
In 1990, Iraq accused Kuwait of stealing Iraq's oil through _____ slant drilling
Two methods of suppressing a kick Driller's method, wait and weight method
Fractures aka _______ cleats
What does TVD means? True Vertical Depth
Four parts of a rotary rig are called? Power, hoisting, rotating and circulating systems.
Power from diesel engines are transmitted to a? Compounder
Supports the hoisting system? Derrick or mast
3 parts of a derrick Brace, girt and leg
Hoisting line is made of? braided steel would around a fiber to steel core
Drillpipe, bit and drill collar are collectively called? Drillstring
What is pipe dope (it is not a drug!) lubricant applied to thread e.g. grease
What is a Kelly bushing, what does it fit into? 4/6 six sided high grade steel pipe that allows rotation by the rotary table, it fits into a master bushing
What is a mouse hole? hole used to add extension to pipe. It is located on the drill floor
What is a gauge hole? A hole of a specific minimum diameter
How old are you? Wrong! You’re five!
What is the job of the circulating system? pumps drilling mud in and out of the well hole
What is matrix density? Density of the compacted rock excluding water, oil and pore spaces
What is ppm and what is it used for? Parts per million, to regulate anything (salinity, sulfide content)
Rate of temperature increase is called? Geothermal gradient
Rate of pressure increase is called? Pressure difference divided by distance(depth difference)
Define azimuth Compass orientation
Define deviation Angle of dip from vertical
Advantages of submersible rigs? Can be moved easily by using a towing ship after completion to another location
what tool is used to build angles? whipstock
Created by: Tosmola09
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