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Biology Chapter 10

Study Guide

DNA Shape? Double Helix
The process of copying DNA in a cell is called? Replication
A change in the nucleotide sequence causes a? Mutation
Proteins are? Polymers
The production of protein is? Protein Synthesis
There are how many amino acids? 20
3 types of RNA mRNA, tRNA, rRNA
The products of transcription is called? Transcripts
Another name for cytosol? Cytoplasm
3 mRNA nucleotides = codon
DNA nucleotide has 3 parts sugar, base, phosphate
Adenine and Guanine are purines
Letters are used to signify the... nitrogen bases
Enzymes that bind to separated chains of DNA DNA polymerase
The process of assembling polypeptides from information encoded in mRNA is called translation
Amino acids freely floating in the cytoplasm are transported to the ribosomes by... tRNA molecules
A sequence of three nucleotides anticodon
Ribosomes are composed of rRNA amd proteins
Who suggested the model of double helix for DNA? Watson and Crick
nucleotide chains are separated by? helicases
a single member of a pair of genes allele
physical appearance phenotype
a chart used to determine the probable outcome of genetic cross punnet square
genetic trait expressed by an organism genotype
phenotype caused by one dominant and one recessive gene heterozygous
a breeding procedure involving two phenotypic traits dihybrid
rod shaped structures in the nucleus chromosomes
two identical alleles homozygous
described by a capital letter is dominant
described by a lower case letter is codominant
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