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Africa info

Stack #18358

Africa vocabAfrica vocab cont.
egyptian farmer fellaheen
open air markets bazaars
the rulers of ancient egypt pharoahs
basin irrigation an old system by which water and silt was contorolled by embankments and time released to irrigate farmlands
reservoir an artificial lake
perennial irrigation an irrigation system that provides necessary water to the land throughout the year
capital money that is invested in building and supporting new imdustries
wadis a gully, or usually dry riverbed, cut in the earth by running water after a downpour in arid regions of the Middle East and North Africa
caravans large groups of merchants who have joined together to travel in safety
medinas the old section of a North African city, usually centered around a mosque
souks market areas
shifting agriculture a typoe of agriculture in which a site is prepared and used to grow crops for a year or two, at which point the farmer moves onto a new site
forage food for grazing animals
deforestation overharvested land that is stripped of its trees
desertification the loss of all vegetation
refugee a person who flees to escape his/her home to escape danger or unfair treatment
land-locked a nation that is cut off from the sea
inland delta an area of lakes, creeks, and swamps away from the ocean
coups sudden political takeovers
ancestor worship the belif that respecting and honoring one's ancestors will cause them to liveon in the spirit world after death
animism teh religious belief that such things as the sky, rivers, and trees contain spirit, or soul
Created by: bjackson