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Ch. 22 Human Body

Ch. 22 Human Body: Organized and Steady (AB)

When a human being is cold, the blood vessels ___ Constrict
When a human being is hot, the blood vessels ___ Dilate
This system functions in blood cell production, mineral storage, and movement... Skeletal system
Cells working together form... Tissues
Tissues working together form... Organs
Muscular tissue that is both striated and voluntary.. Skeletal muscle
Muscular tissue that is both striated and involuntary... Cardiac muscle
In a negative feedback control system, there is a fluctuation about a ___ Mean
Type of epithelial cell found in the epidermis... Squamous
The components of blood that fight infection... White blood cells
What type of tissue typically lines a lumen? Epithelial tissue
Blood is a connective tissue because it has a(n) ... Matrix
Body cavity... Lumen
Type of tissue that contains actin and myosin filaments... Muscular tissue
The smallest level of biological organization with the human body.... Cell
Forms external coverings and internal linings of many organs and covers the entire surface of the body... Epithelium
When there is an injury or damage to the skin, various hormones such as ___ will speed up the healing process... Epidermal growth factor
The many types of __ are all involved in binding organs together and providing support and protection... Connective tissue
Type of tissue that coordinates the functions of the body and allows an animal to respond to external and internal environments... Nervous tissue
Type of cell within the blood that transports oxygen... Red blood cell
Type of formed element within the blood that aids in clotting and healing... Platelets
Absorbs fat from digestive system and collects excess tissue fluid which is returned to blood in the cardiovascular system... Lymph system
Accounts for the movements of the body... Muscular system
Allows for the survival of the species... Reproductive system
Blood, heart and vessels that carry fluid throughout the body... Cardiovascular system
Brain, spinal cord and associated nerves... Nervous system
Brings oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide... Respiratory system
Conduct impulses from receptors to the brain and spinal cord... Nerves
Intake and breakdown of nutrients... Digestive system
Liquid which surrounds the body's cells... Interstitial fluid
Protects body parts, like the skull protects the brain... Skeletal system
Protects the body from disease... Immune system
Rids blood of wastes and helps regulate the fluid level and chemical content of the blood... Urinary system
Secrete hormones... Endocrine system
Skin and it's accessory structures... Integumentary system
Transports nutrients and oxygen to tissue fluid for the cells and removes waste molecules... Blood
Within the negative feedback system; detects a change... Sensor
Within the negative feedback system; initiates effect that returns conditions to normal... Control center
Refers to not being under conscious control... Involuntary
The ___ of cells, tissues and the organs they compose directly aids in function... Structure
Contains several organs and has functions necessary to the continued existence of the organism... Organ system
Type of epithelium that appears to have many layers (stratified) but does not... Pseudostratified epithelium
Outer portion of the skin... Epidermis
Cells which produce a matrix that contains fibers, including collagen and elastin.. Fibroblasts
Epithelial tissue can go through ___ frequently and quickly, which is why it is found in places that get a lot of wear and tear... Mitosis
Cancers of epithelial tissue within the digestive tract,lungs and breast tissue care called... Carcinomas
Type of loose connective tissue that is located beneath the skin and around organs where is cushions and protects them as well as serving as long-term energy storage... Adipose tissue
Connect muscles to bones... Tendons
Connect bones to other bones at joints... Ligaments
Found in the nose and at the ends of the long bones and the ribs... Hyaline cartilage
Most rigid connective tissue... Bone
Most common type of bone in humans, consisting of cylindrical structural units called osteons... Compact bone
Liquid matrix in blood tissue... Plasma
Due to arrangement of actin filaments and myosin filaments in the cell... Striated
Has spindle-shaped, nonstriated, uninucleated fibers... Smooth muscle
Refers to internal organs such as intestines, stomach, etc.... Viscera
Areas where folded plasma membranes allow the contraction impulse within muscle to spread from cell to cell... Intercalated discs
Cells that support and nourish the neurons... Neuroglia
The presences of a(n) ___ allows nerve impulses to travel much more quickly down the axon, similar to insulation on the outer walls of a house... Myelin sheath
Maintenance of the relatively constant condition of the internal environment... Homeostasis
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