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Micro Hybird Bates

Chapter 2 test Review-Part 3

Which of the following nucleotide bases is found only in RNA, not in DNA? Uracil
Operons are found in which of the following organisms DNA? prokaryotes
In a repressible operon, what causes the operon to shut OFF? Too much end product
What is the function of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in genetic engineering? make millions of copies of a specific segment of DNA
What are the segments on the lagging strand during DNA replication called? Okazoki fragments
How do low temperatures affect microbes? Slows them down
A gene is best defined as A sequence of nucleotides in RNA that codes for a functional product.
Salts and sugars work to preserve foods by creating a; hypertonic environment
Conjugation differs from reproduction because conjugation; Transfers DNA horizontally, to cells in the same generation
Transcription begins when RNA polymerase binds to the DNA at the__. promoter
An organism that uses oxygen but can grow without oxygen is called a(n) Facultative aerobe
Created by: arichardson_14