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Micro Hybird Bates

Chapter 2 test Review-Part 2

In E. Coli, the genetic material is composed of ____. circular, double-stranded DNA
What is the start codon in both prokaryotes & eukaryotes? What amino acid is recruited by this triplet? AUG; methionine
Which of the following contains the three post transcriptional modifications often seen in the mature mRNA in eukaryotes? 5'-capping, 3'-poly(A) tail addition, splicing exons, removing introns
Which of the following terms refers to the inhibition of microbial growth? Bacteriostasis
Bacteria reproduce by Binary Fission
Which of the following process would prokaryotes use to produce genetically identical cells? Binary Fission
Ribosomes are made up of __ and proteins. ribosomal RNA
Prior to protein synthesis, the DNA; serves as a template of the production of mRNA
Which organism can do transcription and translation simultaneously? E Coli
What of the following is a vector in genetic engineering? Plasmid
Which of the following is the highest level of microbial control? sterilization
Which process results in new double-stranded DNA molecule that contains one original strand and one new strand? semiconservative replication
Selective media; only allows certain microbes to grow
Which of the following places the steps in the PCR procedure in the correct order? Incubate at 60*C for primer hybridization
What treatment is intended to lower counts on eating & drinking utensils to safe public health levels? sanitation
Created by: arichardson_14