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Micro Hybird Bates

Chapter 2 test Review-Part 1-Vocabulary

RNA Polymerase Performs RNA Synthesis
Primase Adds primers to DNA strand
Photolyases Separate thymine dimers caused by UV
Ligase Joins Okazoki fragments
Helicase Opens DNA double helix for replication
Endonuclease Cuts DNA inside the strand
Agar Complex polysaccharide used to solidify media
Anticodon Code in tRNA
Asepsis Absence of contamination
Autoclave Machine that sterilizes using steam & pressure
Colony Population cells from one initial cell
Culture Medium containing microbes, could be a tube or plate
Facultative Tolerate
Frameshift mutation Addition or removal of one or more bases
Gel electrophoresis Separates DNA pieces by size
Halophile Organisms that likes high salt
Innoculum Introduction of microbial organisms to a media
Nutrient broth Complex Media
Obligate Require
Point Mutation Change a single base in a codon
Thermophiles Organism that likes heat
Genetics The study of genes
Created by: arichardson_14