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A&P ch 22

A&P Chapter 22 - Respiratory System

What organs does the Upper Respiratory Tract contain and where are they located? The nose and nasal cavities, pharynx, larynx, and upper trachea and they are located outside the chest cavity.
What organs does the Lower Respiratory Tract contain and where are they located? The lower trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, and lungs and are located in the chest cavity.
Which parts of the Lower Respiratory Tract are located in the lungs? The lower parts of the bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli
What are the tiny air sacs located at the end of the respiratory passages? The alveoli
What is the partitian called that separates the nasal cavities into right and left halves? nasal septum
The other name for throat Pharynx
What are the three parts of the Pharynx? An upper section called the nasopharynx, a middle section called the oropharynx, and a lower section called the laryngopharynx.
Which parts of the Pharynx are part of both the digestive and respiratory systems and function as a passageway for both food and air? The oropharynx and the laryngopharynx
The other name for Voice Box Larynx
What are the 3 functins of the Larynx? It acts as a passageway for air during breathing; it produces sound, your voice (hence the name voicebox); and it prevents food and other foreign objects from entering the breathing structures (trachea).
What is Rhinorrhea? A runny nose
What structure is made up of primarily of cartilage, muscles, and ligaments? Larynx
Which structure, located at the top of the larynx, acts as a flap to cover the opening of the trachea during eating so food does not enter the lungs? The epiglottis
What are the names for the two types of vocal cords? True and False vocal cords.
Why are the false vocal cords called false? Because they do not produce sounds. Instead, the muscle fibers in this structure help to close the airway during swallowing.
Air flowing from the lungs through the glottis during exhalation causes what to vibrate, thereby producing sound? the true vocal cords
Who developed a procedure designed to dislodge the obstructing object in a choking person? Dr. Heimlich
During the Heimlich maneuver where should your hands be placed? Between the person's navel and the bottom of the rib cage.
What extends from the lower edge of the larynx downward into the thoracic cavity, where it splits into the right and left bronchi? The trachea
What is the condition called when an infant is born with an opening between the trachea and the esophagus? This condition is a tracheoesophageal fistula (TE fistula)
What are the 3 parts of the Bronchial Tree? The bronchi, the bronchioles, and the alveoli.
Where are the lungs located? In the pleural cavities
Which lung has three lobes, the right lung or the left lung? The right lung has three lobes: the superior, middle, and inferior lobes.
What is the upper, rounded part of the lung is called? The Apex
What is the lower part of the lung called and where does it rest? The Base and it rests on the diaphragm
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