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Stratus Clouds formed at medium or low elevation; spread out layer upon layer covering a large area. As stratus clouds thicken, precipitation usually occurs over that area.
Cumulus Clouds formed at medium or low elevation. Cumulus clouds are puffy with flat bottoms. When cumulus clouds are white they often signal fair weather, but when they are darker, they may signal rain or thunderstorms.
Cirrus Clouds formed at high elevations; wispy clouds usually consisting of ice crystals that signal fair weather or may also signal an approaching warm front.
Cumulonimbus Also called a thunderhead, is often part of thunderstorm conditions that may accompany a cold front. The prefix alto- may also be used to indicate medium-level clouds formed at about 2-6 kilometers up into the atmosphere.
Altocumulus White and/or gray patch, sheet or layered clouds, generally composed of laminae (plates), rounded masses or rolls. They may be partly fibrous or diffuse.
Nimbotratus The continuous rain cloud. Result from thickening Altostratus.This is a dark gray cloud layer diffused by falling rain or snow.It is thick enough throughout to blot out the sun.The cloud base lowers into the low level of clouds as precipitation continues.
Cirrostratus Transparent, whitish veil clouds with a fibrous (hair-like) or smooth appearance. A sheet of cirrostratus which is very extensive, nearly always ends by covering the whole sky.
Cirrocumulus Thin, white patch, sheet, or layered of clouds without shading. They are composed of very small elements in the form of more or less regularly arranged grains or ripples.
Altostratus Gray or bluish cloud sheets or layers of striated or fibrous clouds that totally or partially covers the sky. They are thin enough to regularly reveal the sun as if seen through ground glass.
Stratocumulus Gray or whitish patch, sheet, or layered clouds which almost always have dark tessellations (honeycomb appearance), rounded masses or rolls. Except for virga they are non-fibrous and may or may not be merged.
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