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Role of EMS

Law Enforcement

Location of the first 911 call Haleyville, AL
Duties of dispatchers 1. Determining the nature of the emergency 2. give over-the-phone medical advice
EMS professionals are expected to keep their equipment stocked, working, and ready for an emergency
An example of a private EMS hospitals
Recommendations of the White Paper 1. ambulance service should be provided by the local govt. 2. streamlined communication between emergency care providers.
EMS services provided by city or county level government Public EMS
An example of continuous care and transfer An EMT performing lifesaving medical services on a heart attack patient until the patient is received at the local hospital emergency room
The function of EMS provide a variety of medical services
Patient advocate person who makes sure that the care a patient receives is in their best interest
Who has more advanced training? Paramedics or Emergency Medical Technicians? Paramedics
Location of the first ambulance service New York City
EMS provides pre-hospital medical and trauma care
American war where helicopters first used to transport injured soldiers Korean War
EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services
Developed the first triage-like system for Napoleon's army Baron Larrey
Dispatchers can work 24 hour shifts
Created by: IAMGCS