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The average worker's earnings (have,has) gone up dramatically. have
Everyone (have,has) finished his or her homework. has
Each of the students (are, is) responsible for doing his or her work in the library. is
The mayor and his brothers (are, is) going to jail. are
Half of the vineyard (were, was) destroyed by fire. was
Half of the troops (were, was) lost in the battle. were
Sam's Club (claim, claims) to treat their workers well. claims
News on the court case (seem, seems) to be everywhere. seems
Would you (lay, lie) the doll onto the floor. lay
The fans would like to (have seen, seen) some improvement this year. have seen
Some of the scouts (claim, claims) to have seen Big foot. claim
A goat and two pigs (seem, seems) like a big hassle. seem
Why don't you (lay, lie) down on the grass? lie
She would have liked to see more veterans returning. Is the infinitive perfect or present? Present Infinitive
They consider the house to have been kept clean very well. Is the infinitive perfect or present? Perfect Infinitive
I am skipping towards the lawn. Is this a present or past participle? Present Participle
I have skipped numerous times before. Is this a present or past participle? Past Participle
I (laid, lay) on the ground. Which choice would make the sentence past tense? laid
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