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Rota Volv

A total turning-over, a great change revolution
an unrolling, the devlopment of something evolution
a round building rotunda
book, scroll, roll of paper volume
winding, full of many folds voluminous
a room with a celing curved like a wheel vault
to turn rotate
a turning device on which food is cooked rotisserie
round, rounded out rotund
easily turning, flowing speech voluble
The Industrial ___________ brought change in the way that good were manuafactured in America. revolution
Some people believe that the human race is an ___________ from the caveman. evolution
The shampoo commercial guarentees more _________ hair with each use. voluminous
Every bank has a _______ to store the money in. vault
The earth _______s around the sun. rotate
I can see the chicken cook on a ___________ at Bi-Lo. rotisserie
The U.S Congress building is an example of a _________. rotunda
Santa Claus will be extra _______ after eating all of his cookies on Christmas Eve. rotund
The girl got an A on her presentation because she was a __________ speaker. voluble
My sister has all of the ________s of the Twilight series volume
Created by: camrent