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Geo Test 1

Intro to Cultural Geography

A grouping of similar places or places with similar characteristics is the concept of... region
culture is... learned collective behavior.
A cultural approach to the study of human geography implies an emphasis on ______ that different groups of people around the world lend to and derive from places. all the above.
The spatial models perspective seeks _________ admist the complexity of the human mosaic and applies scientific methods to the study of people. A and B. Patterns and regularities and repetitions and diversity.
To describe a grouping of places with similar cultural functions and characteristics, cultural geographers uses the term or concept of... cultural region.
What type of region is a uniform area inhabited by people who have one or more cultural traits in common? functional.
The hallmark of a formal region is cultural... homogenaity
The migration of Europeans in the western hemosphere included those people's introducing Christianity into the America's, thereby illustrating the process of this type of fusion... relocation.
Television, video cassette recorders and video tapes were not permitted in Afganistan during the reign of the Taliban. This is an example of... heirarchial
The people of Siberia domesticated reindeer after learning about cattle being domesticated by people to the south. This is an example of which type of diffusion? stimulas
________ barriers completely halt diffusion. time distance decay
Increasingly sophisticated communications render the friction of distance virtually meaningless when an innovation is diffused, so instead of matter of availability being critical this is the condition that is key to diffusion of innovation among a pop. awareness.
When geographers focus on the interrelationships between people and their enviroment, they are following the theme of... enviromental ecology
The belief that the physical enviroment is the dominant force shaping cultures and that human kind is essentially a passive problem of its physical surroundings is known as... enviromental determinism
Popular culture is characterized by all of the following except... strong family control
Edward Relph's term placelessness refers to... standardization of landscape
The most effective device for diffusion in a popular culture is... advertising
The rapid diffusion of popular culture has rendered which of the following? time distance decay
This country band satelite t.v. to keep out corrupting influences... India
The most basic structure constructed by people is the... dwelling
One of the most critical reasons for the preservation of an indigenous culture is the role those people play in... conserving global bio diversity.
Which of the following is not a characteristic of cultural interaction in a popular culture? decreased mobility
Which of the following is not an indicator of groups culture the ability to speak a language.
Which of these provides the best description of a cultural region? a collection of countries people practice the same religion and speak a common language.
which of these is an example of a cultural trait? wearing a turbin.
which of the following is NOT considered part of a non material culture? sacred buildings
The geography of nowhere is related to placelessness T/F T
Placelessness is more important than regionalism describing popular cultural landscapes.T/F F
Venacular regions are frequently perpetuated by the mass media. T/F T
There are no barriers to the spread of popular culture. T/F F
When folk groups migrate they often are pulled to enviroments similar to their original homelands. T/F T
One of the paradox's of the modern age in popular culture is that the more we cluster in cities and suburbs the greater our effect on open places. T/F T
Folk architecture is a relek form of a cultural landscape of N. America. T/F T
According to Edward Relph placelessness results from the pervasive influence of popular culture. T/F F
Sunshine can be a pull factor in migration. T/F T
Refugees are involuntary migrants. T/F T
The most common type of migration is voluntary. T/F T
A decline in birth rates led to the population explosion. T/F F
Although the human specie prefers to live on plains or near coasts and rivers, we are able to adapt to life in _______ region. All the above.
Infant mortality rates are... measured in number of deaths per 1000 per year.
The violent and deadly removal of unwanted minorities in nations states is known as... ethnic cleansing
The maximum number of people that can be supported in a given area without enviromental damage is known as... carrying capacity
An enviromental pull factor in the westward move of people across the United States was... all the above
Refugee movement is related to... all the above
People who live in greater population concentrations in... coast.
Billboards and signs are cultural artifacts that provide visual evidence of many aspects of linguistic geography. T/F T
When an ethnic group changes enough to be able function within the host society, what has ocurred? Assimulation
The most effective device for assimulation is... intergration
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