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EvansTypes of Energy

Types of Energy

Energy that is stored to be transformed at a later time potential energy
Stored energy released when an object’s shape is changed (as in a stretched rubber band or a coiled spring) elastic potential energy
Ability to do work energy
A push or pull that acts on an object force
The force of attraction between any two masses. Near the Earth’s surface, this is the force that attracts objects toward the center of Earth gravity
In the formula for kinetic energy, what does the m stand for? mass
A change from one form of energy to another is called a(n) energy conversion
Energy of Motion kinetic energy
Speed would have the greatest effect on ___________ energy. kinetic energy
When the skateboarder reaches the top of the half-pipe, which type of energy is at its maximum? potential energy
When the rubber band on the airplane is released, the stored energy becomes? kinetic energy
How does increasing mass affect kinetic energy? the greater the mass the greater the kinetic energy
The kinetic energy at the bottom of the first hill on a roller coaster is less than the ______________________ energy at the top of the hill. potential
Energy of an object that increases as the object's temperature increases. Heat energy
Energy carried by light. Solar Energy
Energy carried by the electric current that comes out batteries and electric outlets. Electric Energy
Energy stored in chemical bonds. Chemical Energy
The force you exert on a machine. Input Force
The force machine exerts on an object. Output Force
The _______ is an example of solar energy Sun
The energy of position from the earth. Gravitiational
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