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Chapter 96

Unit 14: Nursing Care of Preoperative Clients

Preoperative Nursing Care (Pg. 1095) -Preop starts when.. From the time the client is scheduled for surgery until care is transferred to the OR --> thorough assessment of the client's physical, emotion, psychosocial status
Inpatient; Outpatient; (ambulatory) -Emergent, urgent or elective -Elective surgery that is not considered acute= cataract removal, hernia repair
Informed consent: (Pg. 1097) -when initiated -who is responsible After surgery has been discussed with client/family, after discussing risks/benefits -Primary care provider *NURSE NEVER OBTAINS CONSENT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE
Can the nurse give new information about the procedure? No; nurse can only clarify or reinforce unclear info after providers explanation
What is the nurses role in this? To witness the client's signing of the consent form after the client acknowledges understanding of the procedure
Nurse should determine if the client is; 18, mentally capable of understanding everything, under the influence of a substance that could affect decision-making or judgment -If meds have been administered; do not have client sign consent
2 witnesses are required if... Client can only sign with an X; blind, deaf, ESL (english second language)
Informed consent is required for what types of procedures? Surgical, invasive (biopsy, paracentesis, scopes), sedation/anesthesia, or radiation
Preop- stop smoking ___ before stop aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) ___ before stop herbal medications (ginko biloba, ginseng, feverfew) ____ before 24hrs 1 week before (decrease risk of bleeding) 2-3 weeks before (to prevent hemorrhage or adverse effects to anesthesia)
Preop nursing for bowel surgery.. administer ___ night before/morning of Enemas or laxatives
Preop NPO for at least ___ hrs for ___ & ___ hrs for _____ with ___ 6, solid 2, clear liquids w/ general anesthesia
NPO for at least ____ hrs for ____ to avoid ____ 3-4 hours for local anesthesia to avoid aspiration
Cover client in what? Lightweight cotton blanket heated in a warmer to prevent hypothermia
Usual IV access size catheter? 18-gauge (or 20 sometime)
When are prophylactic abx administered? 1 hr prior to surgical incision
If client previously took a BB..? Administer one prior to surgery to prevent cardiac event
Have client ____ prior to administration Void
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