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Science test

What are the factors that determine the rate of weathering? Composition, physical conditions, climate, topography, air pollution, exposure time, surface area.
Examples of physical weathering Temperature, ice wedging, organic activity, Gravity, abrasion, exfoliation contraction
Examples of chemical weathering Water, acid, oxidation
Weathering is The breakdown of rocks
Erosion is The movement of broken rocks
How/why does water cause chemical weathering It dissolves minerals out of rocks making them weaker
What is abrasion Rocks rubbing against other rocks
The more rounded a rock The longer it is being tumbled or going through abrasion or in a stream/river
Surface area The greater it is and that the greater the area is exposed to agents the greater rate of weathering
What is soil composed of Rock and biological material
What type of climate increases physical weathering Cold
What type of climate increases chemical weathering Warm wet
How do you tell what eroded a rock Physical appearence
What force causes mass movements Gravity
Where is a streams velocity the greatest (curved( Outside
Where is the streams velocity the greatest(straight) Middle
Where does deposition occur Inside
Where does erosion occur Outside
What is the relationship between velocity of a stream and the size of the particles it can carry Faster velocity =larger particles
Where do streams flow Downhill
What two factors influence the velocity of a stream Slope and volume
What does sorting look like Slower flow of water smaller the particles
What causes sorting Waters velocity
Created by: ejensen189