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muscle terms


O: Occipiatl BoneI: skin and muscle around eyeA: raises eyebrows as when surprised Epicranius
O: maxillary and frontal bonesI: skin around the eyeA: closes eyey as in blinking Orbicularis
O:muscles near the mouthI: skin od central lipA; closes lips, protudes lips as for kissing Orbicularis Oris
O: outer surfaces of maxilla and mandibleI: orbicularis orisA; compresses cheeks as is blowing air Buccinator
O: Fascia in upper chestI: lower border of mandibleA: draws angle of mouth downward as when pouting Platysma
O: lower border of zygomatic archI:lateral surface of mandibleA; elevates mandible Masseter
O: temporal boneI: coronoid process and anterior ramus of mandibleA: elevates mandible Temporalis
O:anterior surface of sternum and upper surface of clavicleI: mastoid process of temporal boneA" pulls head side to side, flexes neck or elevates sternum Sternocleidomastoid
O: spinous processes of lower cervical and upper thoractic vertebraeI: occipital boneA: rotates head, bends head to one side semispinalis
O:inferior border of each above ribI: superior border of next ribA:elevates ribs external intercostals
O: superior boreder of each ribI:inferior border of next ribA: depresses ribs internal intercostals
O: Xiphiod process, cartilagge of ribs 4-10, anterior surface of lumbar vertebraeI: central tendinousA: contraction expands, thoracic cavity compresses abdomplevic cavity diaphragm
Created by: ecgirl2010