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Genes by Mrs.Goode

You need too know this for your Quiz

Two genes from every parent Look it up
Do butterflys shave Yes
When does the white house open 24/7
Can u have sex at an early age Yes make sure to do it at an early ageso I does not interfere with your career
Two worms Stick together and form baby's
12345678910 Look it up
Your an asshole Its when all of you kids have to get taught by me and don't understand anything like Elliot Mathews from 5th hour
He and she Make a baby
Sarah Aterm for your late
Pass You need one for every where
Dip Do drugs at an early age if you do then you wont be addicted
Smoke It will kill you but someday we will be like Japan all crowded up we need more people dead
All illeagal drugs Be a drug master try every drug known in the book
Genes Come from both parents blahblahblah
Take a break Kids just leave the room whenever you want to
Do not do homework I know it's not like me at school but please do not do your homework
Trash talk Dont obey anyone
Created by: Mrs.Goode